About Me

Those who have worked with me, managed me, managed by me, been a client or a vendor would say:

  • I’m creative and push boundaries, while maintaining a functional and realistic design sensibility.
  • My naturally inquisitive, outgoing and positive personality help in every aspect of a project.
  • I take pride in developing a great client rapport.
  • I’m good at translating off-the-wall client expectations into tangible design solutions.
  • I have the rare ability (and interest) to be focused on the big picture at the same time as the refined design.
  • I can manage and design multiple projects at the same time.
  • I take both a business and marketing-minded approach to projects.

That being said, I’m a print, interactive, and environmental designer with experience working for a diverse client base.

The majority of my years have been spent working at Sasaki Associates, Hecht DesignCorey McPherson Nash and most recently, Selbert Perkins Design.

Backstory: I graduated from Northeastern University’s Media Arts and Design program with a minor in Photography.



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